About Us

Just like you, we once were eager to find proxies that are user-friendly, have great quality, and provide constant support when needed. But you know what? Why take the benefit alone when we could share our exceptional services with you and the whole world too!

Why Do You Need Us?

With full dedication to bypass Captchas, by all means, we make sure to employ up-to-date tools that help you get your ultimate goals and end-results without getting blocked or banned in any way. We know businesses are all about running smoothly, and things like web scraping ban can not only hinder you but millions of internet users too,
We are here to take care of it all and save your day! We get straight to the point of your needs, without wasting any time or money in between! Covering your demands is our utmost priority to help you get the best possible results. Not only that but for extremely competitive cheap prices out of all the proxies out there! All while serving you with the best quality. Let COLDPROXY pull the job off for you, be it for a day, a week, or even months

What We Offer You?