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Why buying Instagram proxies ?

Instagram Growth Hacking

Task Automation

Grow Instagram community quickly

Manage several Insta account

Instagram proxies for bots

Instagram is a very popular social network but building a community that serves your business objectives might be a long and expensive work. 

Instagram Growth hacking tips will help you to grow faster but you will need Instagram proxies to prevent from being banned.

Instagram Bots

Improve your productivity when posting on the social media with Instagram bots 

Insta Productivity

Even if you're not running growth hacking task, you might want to use instgram bots to improve your productivity. 

Instagram monitors bot activities and if your IP adress is detected you'll probably be banned. 

Here, Instagram proxies come handy to hide your IP adress and keep working without fearing of being blocked.

Browsing from any countries

Simulate Instagram connection from any countries

By pass Instagram restrictions

If Instagram access is restricted by geofencing features, you are able to by pass the restriction with high quality proxies that allow you to simulate connexion from authorized countries.


Protect privacy on Instagram

You love posting and sharing photos on Insta but you want to protect your privacy  ? Our IPv6 Proxies are the answer

100% anonymous Insta Proxies

You want to share photos with your friends and community but you don't want Instagram to store your private datas. 

Buy private proxies to protect your privacy

Buy Proxies for Instagram

Competitive prices, Instant set-up, high performance

Proxies for Instagram are very useful when you want to improve your engagement rates or increase your number of followers because they will allow you to automate tasks such as liking, commenting, following followers and thus save time to improve the awareness and visibility of your services or products.

Automation is one of the fastest ways to achieve your visibility goals but without an Instagram proxy, you risk quickly getting your account blocked and all your efforts will be ruined as you won't be able to access your account.

Purchasing an individual proxy server for instagram is the way to avoid having your profile blocked because your real IP address will not be detected by the social network and therefore, it will not be able to notice the use of bots.

If you work in a digital marketing agency or if you are a social media manager, you probably manage several Instagram accounts from the same IP address.

Instagram monitors activity generated per IP address to detect abnormally high rates of activity that are often related to automated tasks.

Therefore, if you automate tasks to improve your visibility on the social network and you manage several accounts at the same time, it is imperative to buy proxies for Instagram in order to avoid being detected and blocked or considered as spam.

Thanks to proxies, you will be able to simulate the activity of several accounts from different IP addresses. The proxy works as an intermediary between the user's computer and the Instagram servers, replacing the user's real IP address with a new IP address.

Once you have set up your proxies on Instagram, you can work without fear of being banned.

If your school, company or country blocks access to Instagram, simply buy proxies to simulate a connection from another IP address or country and the block will be lifted immediately.

You will be able to collect a large number of followers or fans if you have bought proxies for facebook thanks to the follow / unfollow technique and the more followers you have, the more likes and comments you will get.
Proxies allow you to hide your real IP address without the risk of being blocked by the social network for abnormal activity.

Quickly find pages or profiles to follow using hashtags.

You can also be an average Instagram user but you don't want your activity to be tracked by the social network. By purchasing proxies for Instagram, you can use the social network as you normally do and still remain anonymous.
The proxy will simulate a connection from another computer, so your searches, page views and photo posts cannot be identified as yours by your ISP or Instagram.

Once you purchase proxies, you get information about their protocol type, host, port, username and login. Use this information as follows to connect your Instagram accounts via proxies.

Log in with your Instagram accounts.

  1. Go Tools > Preferences > Proxy.
  2. In the Proxy window there are two categories, General proxy and Account proxy.
  3. Select the host type and fill in the blanks for host, port and proxy connection.
  4. Click Save.
  5. Repeat for all your Instagram accounts.

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