Proxy for Capmonster

Proxy for Capmonster: the complete guide  Capmonster is a program that automatically recognizes the captchas found on the Internet. But if you don’t couple its use with proxy server, it’s possible that this software won’t work or not work as well as it should.  What is Capmonster? Why using proxies with Capmonster ?  Capmonster is […]

How to set-up proxy server ?


How to install a proxy server at home ? That’s it, you’ve installed the proxy software on your machine, all that’s left is to install the proxy server on your computer! However, you have to go to the settings of your operating system to configure the IP of your proxy server: here is our tutorial […]

Why using proxies for Instagram ?


Instagram proxies, why you need them ? If you are scraping with Instagram or doing other automatic tasks on Instagram, it is highly likely that you will need a proxy server. Indeed, this will allow you to hide your IP from Instagram servers and thus avoid being blocked by the social network to continue your […]

Buying private proxies for cracking


How to buy a private proxy for cracking ?     How to buy a premium proxy to download cracked (or pirated) software ? You may need to download some cracked/pirated software. However, it is also likely that your IP address is blocked by your Internet Service provider or by the website from where you […]

Cheap proxies, free proxies, good or bad idea?

Cheap proxies, free proxies, good or bad idea? There are proxies of all types, at all prices and above all for all uses. But, cheap proxies or free proxies, what are the differences, are they really useful and efficient? In any case, a proxy will allow you to use a different IP address from that […]