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Becoming popular on Instagram and maximising your engagement rate can take time. Want to accelerate your growth on the social network by automating tasks or creating multiple accounts but you fear of being blacklisted? The solution is to work anonymously.

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Bots for social media are precious assets if you want to grow faster your community. However, if using chatbots like messenger bots are allowed and even recommended on social medias, spambots are not and this is the reason why you need proxies for social media if your intent is to launch a growth hacking strategy. 

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whether you want to unlock Facebook and or to start with social media growth hacking such as web scrapping, automated follow / unfollow hacks or create many web profils, you will need to buy proxies for social media so that you make sure that your activities won't be detected and you won't get banned. 

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Concerned about your privacy on social media ? What about considering using a proxy server for your favorite social platform ? 

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Buy and set-up private proxies to use social media anonymously. Hide your real IP adress and simulate the connexion from any place you want. 

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High quality virgin IPv6 proxies to use for social media

In order to improve your online presence to sell your products or services, you may need to create several accounts on social networks. However, social media can block these accounts because they will consider connexion to several accounts from same IP adress as suspicious activity. Then, Social media's proxies come in handy because it allow you to bypass these systems and use multiple accounts at the same time.

As a reminder, a proxy is a computer software system that acts as an intermediary between you and the website you want to visit. As soon as you browse the web you let footprints and your web activity like search on Google or use of social media is recorded and link to your IP adress. if you use a proxy, your real IP adress will be hidden and the known IP will be the one given by your private proxy. Thus, you understand that the main purpose of using a proxy software or application is to modify your IP address on the Internet and protect your privacy. This allows, among other things, to pass through restrictions related to location, or security, to scrap datas and to lauch automated task generally prohibited by websites and social networks.

To find out who uses which account, a social network will track the IP addresses used. Thus, an address used by several accounts appears suspicious. Some social networks then manage to block this use. This is where using a proxy for social media is interesting.
Some proxy sites allow you to change your IP address. In fact, on a web proxy, you will have access to a field: you can then type in the address you want. However, this type of proxy is not very powerful and is easily blocked by social networks. Moreover, some of them do not allow access to secure sites, especially social networks. Indeed, on these services, only one proxy is shared by all users. There are paid web proxies with the possibility of having a semi-dedicated proxy, but here again, access to social networks can easily be denied.
To have a reliable system, you will need to invest in specialised software, often with a paid subscription. This type of software offers the possibility of having a dedicated proxy: only you can then use one IP address or even several to avoid being banned from social networks.

Please take notes that Facebbok and Instagram support IPv6. Choosing IPv6 proxies for those both network let you enjoy higher performances : Fast, reliable, uptime to 99%

Web scraping is a technique to extract content from the Internet. In the case of social networks, you can use proxy server for massive extraction of contacts and information for statistical and marketing purposes.

Webscraping is using bots for doing the job. Social Bots, are dedicated and designed software programs that allow you to automate repetive tasks like scraping datas. But Because they are software, they must be used with a proxy for social media to avoid being banned on Instagram or Facebook. It is therefore necessary to choose an appropriate proxy server that is compatible with the network or the application you want to scrap.

IPv6 proxies or IPv4, what server location ? this is the kind of questions you may have before buying proxies. There are also proxies with specific features for certain social networks: a proxy for Instagram, a proxy for Facebook or a proxy for YouTube. Some proxies can even manage scraping themselves and manage the use of several accounts.

Be careful, however, to use only one proxy per account (which is equivalent to one IP address per account): otherwise the accounts will be blocked. This shows the interest of investing in a proxy software to avoid these bans which block social media scraping.

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