Proxy for Capmonster: the complete guide 

Capmonster is a program that automatically recognizes the captchas found on the Internet. But if you don’t couple its use with proxy server, it’s possible that this software won’t work or not work as well as it should. 

What is Capmonster? Why using proxies with Capmonster ? 

Capmonster is a software edited and commercialized by ZennoLab, a company that sells “solutions” to automate the SEO activities of webmasters. This software allows you to perform one task in particular: captcha recognition. 

What is the purpose of recognizing captchas with a software? 

Recognizing captchas automatically is not useful for the general public, but if you work in search engine optimization, or if your perform multiple tasks at the same time, it becomes very usefull to couple use of Capmonster with proxies. It is especially useful if you want to perform scrap actions in a massive way or web automation in general.

The interest here is to perform complex actions automatically, without requiring human action to go faster. Indeed, captchas are systems set up precisely to counter these automatic computer systems. In many situations, professionals in the field are trapped by these captchas that prevent the processes set up from being completed.

 The interest of using software is also economical: many companies buy manual recognition services, which are slower and more expensive. In addition, several software programs allow you to monitor the captcha recognition activity in real time using a dashboard; you can also consult their captcha database and add your own captchas. Capmonster is a pillar in this field.

Why use Capmonster + proxies are your best choice to improve your productivity  ?

Capmonster is the possibility to automatically resolve captchas of more than 25 000 systems on the Internet (Yandex, VK, Hotmail, etc.), including the very famous reCAPTCHA v2 of Google, which gave cold sweats to many users of captcha breakers.

The software edited by ZennoLab announces more than 90% recognition, which is really not bad when you know the financial means put into the development of the web giant’s algorithms. 

The software is also easy to integrate into crawl scripts, but with a speed of execution and this thanks to a database of resolved captchas. Moreover, and this is a good thing, if you find yourself in front of a captcha that cannot be resolved automatically, you can add your own captchas. The next time, the program will remember and solve it without manual help.

Another advantage of Capmonster is that it is “ready to use”: modules are already integrated to solve the most common captchas: this database is updated very regularly according to the resolutions added and submitted by users. This software can also be installed on a virtual machine (but not on a cloud server). Finally, if you plan to use the software on a computer that is not particularly powerful, Capmonster will work very well, it is optimized for that. 

When you add proxies to Capmonster, you make sure that you won’t be block in your task thanks to rotating IPs;

Why use proxies with Capmonster? 

It would be quite easy to say “Let’s go, let’s use Capmonster directly”, but without taking some precautions, it could be counterproductive. Indeed, it is recommended to use Capmonster with a proxy to avoid getting stuck on the captcha. In fact, when a captcha is displayed and one has to fill it in, the verification systems also identify the IP address of the device used. In case one of these systems understands that you are doing several thousand “manual” checks, it will suspect that it is a robot that is doing it automatically and may cut off access to the website you are working on. 

This is where a proxy can be useful. This software acts as an intermediary between your device (computer, virtual machine, etc.) and the web server to which you are connecting. It allows you to filter certain data and is much more common than you might think, especially in terms of security. The feature that interests us here is the one that allows you to change your IP address: sites that want to block you can no longer identify you as long as you change your IP address and can therefore no longer block you. Using a proxy is therefore allowing Capmonster to work properly! 

What kind of proxy to use with Capmonster ? 

When we talk about proxy, we have to be careful about what we talk about. There are two main types of proxy:

  1. Public proxy 
  2. Private proxy 

As you might expect, the “public proxy” is less efficient than the “private proxy”, first of all because it is frequently free (paying for a service is very often to have a better service) and secondly because the proxy server you use, the IP addresses at your disposal, are also used by other people. If they block the IP addresses on certain sites, the blocking also concerns you. 

That’s why it is obviously recommended to use a private proxy server: the IP addresses “belong” to you, which greatly reduces the risk of blocking by websites.