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Purpose of buying your proxy servers from ColdProxy

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High quality IPv6 proxies

Competitive prices
Our package start from
$4 / day.
1500 IPv6 private Proxies.

Rotating and Static IPs (1)

Rotating or static IP’s

Virgin and Private IPv6
proxies only.
Make your choice on the
client dashboard.


Many different subnets

Same locations , different servers.
Stop being banned or
blocked and wasting time.

Highly Anonymous (1)

In-house Technology

In-house technology to
make our iPv6 proxies 100%

Why buying proxies from ColdProxy ?

We have Competitive prices, Instant set-up, high performance

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Solving Recaptcha Issues

Best Proxies For Solving
Recaptcha V2 & V3

scrap data

Web scraping

Make your scrap easier with IPv6

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Simulate geolocation and device

Perform queries from any location
or device

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Browse the web anonymously

Protect your personal datas and

Group (1)

Unlock website and
access restricted

By pass work or school restrictions

IPv6 Test

The easiest and quickest way to check the compatibility of your
site before purchasing IPv6 proxies is to use online IPv6 Testing Tools

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