How to buy a private proxy for cracking ?


How to buy a premium proxy to download cracked (or pirated) software ?

You may need to download some cracked/pirated software. However, it is also likely that your IP address is blocked by your Internet Service provider or by the website from where you want to download the software. With a private proxy, you can bypass these restrictions and download any software. Learn more about premium proxies that allow you to download software online and bypass restrictions.

Buying proxies, what for  ?

You’ve probably already heard of proxies. A proxy is a piece of software that acts as an intermediary between your machine and the remote servers you connect to when you surf the Internet: it is on these servers that the site codes are stored. Proxies generally allow you to secure your local network but also to filter your connection and to be more anonymous. It allows you to hide your real IP from the servers by replacing it and thus bypass restrictions (geographical, political, etc.). The advantage of a premium proxy is that it is faster but also and above all more reliable: the IPs used are either dedicated or semi-dedicated. This means that not everyone can use them and not everyone can use them to do anything. These special IPs are then less easily detected and therefore less blocked.

Downloading cracked software using a premium proxy, what is the point ?

Some software publishers or download software hosts have put restrictions on certain IPs, or these sites are blocked by your Internet service provider, either by its will or because of the country you are in (depending on the regulations in force, which differ according to governments and court decisions). To download these cracked software, you often have to locate your IP in another country, where access to the site where the software to download is located is not blocked. This is where the efficiency of a premium proxy is interesting: the new IP you will use will probably not be blocked and will be fast enough to download the software you are interested in in a sufficiently short time (some software can be heavy, if the proxy is not fast the download can take up to several hours).

Find the best premium proxy for software download

There are two types of proxies: semi-dedicated proxies and dedicated proxies. Semi-dedicated proxies use IPs that are collectively distributed among certain users: this usually ranges from two to a dozen. If they are paid, they are obviously more affordable than dedicated proxies, but obviously less reliable and slower. If a user blocks the IP of the proxy on the site where you wanted to download your pirated software, you won’t be able to do so. This is where a dedicated proxy can be advantageous: you have an IP address at your disposal and you are the only user. In some cases, this solution can be more interesting.