Instagram proxies, why you need them ?

If you are scraping with Instagram or doing other automatic tasks on Instagram, it is highly likely that you will need a proxy server. Indeed, this will allow you to hide your IP from Instagram servers and thus avoid being blocked by the social network to continue your activity. A proxy server is the solution you need on Instagram: here’s what it’s for and which proxy offer to choose.

What is a proxy server and what does it do?

A proxy server is simply a small software that comes to position itself as an intermediary in the path that your connection takes: between your computer and the server (here that of Instagram). A proxy has many uses, but today it is especially useful to replace your IP by another one, owned by the proxies distributors (free or paid). This allows you to avoid the geographical restrictions that can be found on some sites but also to avoid having your own IP blocked.

Why use a proxy server for Instagram?

Hide automation actions from Instagram

If you have an activity on Instagram, you may have software that performs automatic actions with one or more Instagram accounts. Whether it’s automatic likes, automatic subscriptions or even comments posted without human action, these actions can be detected by Instagram. The social network will then often simply block the IPs used. Buying a proxy server for Instagram with multiple IPs will therefore be important to continue these automatic tasks.

Use several Instagram accounts at the same time

Just as with automated actions, using multiple Instagram accounts on the same computer can easily be detected by Instagram when not using a proxy server. You risk having your IP blocked: renting a proxy server can avoid this.

Specialized proxy servers for Instagram

Should you take out a subscription to a proxy ?

If you have already done some research on the Internet before coming across this article, you have most likely heard about free proxies: indeed this represents a low-cost opportunity to test the proxy on Instagram. However, the IPs made available can be used by anyone, which is why they are quickly blocked by many sites and applications, including Instagram of course. Paid proxies can have the same problem, but it is much less likely. That’s why when you want to use Instagram with a proxy it’s recommended to get a subscription.

Choosing between semi-dedicated and dedicated proxy

By the way, in the offers of proxy servers, there are two categories: semi-dedicated servers and dedicated servers. The first ones use IPs that are common to several users: don’t worry, there are usually no more than a dozen. They are more reliable and faster than free proxies, but less than dedicated servers. The latter allow you to be the only person to use an IP, which obviously makes them more reliable: they will not be blocked by Instagram because of another user.